Quality Manager

Make sure you meet the business objectives of your product by entrusting the quality verification to experts.




Evaluation criteria

Each of the elements listed below will be subject to an in-depth evaluation. We can also assess specific criteria according to your objectives.

Code quality

We pay special attention to the logic, weight and optimization of the writing.

Application architecture

We check and test compliance with best practices and the efficiency and accessibility of your architecture.

Functional and unit tests

We apply our tests in accordance with the procedures in order to provide you with an optimized report on the operation of your application.

Meets standards

Depending on your business and the resulting constraints (e.g. HDS, confidentiality, secrecy, encryption, accessibility and disability, etc.), we draw up a detailed compliance report as well as recommendations for changes when necessary or useful.

Performance optimization

We test the performance of your application in different conditions of use (realistic, extreme, and special cases) and detail all the avenues for optimization.

Request an audit

Together, let’s determine your objectives and needs in order to deploy a tailor-made quality audit.