Knowledge manager

Evaluate and advance the skills of your teams.




Identify and capitalize on knowledge

At Winzana we support you in defining your goals and identifying constraints of your project to offer a tailored solution that consists of four main stages (to discover below).

Our core skills

It is our core business in IT development and allows us to support you in the development of your products and services.


We carry out an audit of the existing and analyze your gaps. We allow you to perpetuate, reuse, enhance and disseminate the knowledge and skills that you acquire and which are part of an axis of continuous progress.

Impose yourself

Take root in your environment and develop by quickly opting for the best skills development strategies for your teams!


Faire monter vos équipes en compétences

We are here to co-develop alongside you. In addition to advancing your projects or products with you, we improve the skills of your teams.

Our team is at your disposal to pass on its knowledge to your teams and increase their skills. We adapt and personalize each of our interventions to precisely meet your needs. Ensuring the revitalization of knowledge is ensuring the success of your business!

Get optimal support for the skills development of your teams.

Save time by entrusting the management of your intellectual resources to experts.