IT Architect

We put our technical expertise at your disposal to build your products and bring your projects to life.





Our expertise

Are you in the need of adivsing to make strategical and technological choices ?  We put our technical expertise at your’s product’s and project’s architerctures disposal.

You aim to be at the forefront of technical innovation and you need advising about wich technology to choose in order to fill your actual and future goals ?

Our constant tehcnology watch make us able to propose you the most adapted solutions. Take a step behind !

Uou are preparing to a digital upgrade, but you don’t know what to begin with ?

We will guide you through the best strategical decisions while considering the whole parameters to be taken in account such as technical, human, financial and time related constraints.


Why should you call in a team of experts for your business ?

Whatever is your need, we can bring a solution to it. We are able to understant and take action on any existing or future business concern.


Our consultants are senior developpers, up to date with cutting-edge technologies, and trained to perfectly analyse and take in account  your team’s methodology, to respect your internal and general good practices, and, last but not least, the quality of your production.

Security and confidentiality

Your data is precious and valuable, so you nedd to make sure it is kept safely. We are used to work with high confidentiality constraints and guarranty you an relentless respect of it.

Objectivity and functionnal-oriented eye

We make a point of sharing off objectively our observations and comments, to bring out a functionnal eye and to bring out proposals to enhance your processes.

Catalysing evolutions

We are able to initiate and bear all the necessary or usefull mutations at the core of your business.

Rely on experts

Winzana’s IT Architects are selected amon the best experts in order to correlate your business, technical and sector-related challenges, and to lead your project to success.