Dev Ops

Infrastructure serving  code

We can work on your servers to set up a dedicated infrastructure and compatible with your services.

You want to keep hold of your infrastructure? We support your teams in the development and implementation of an optimized and scalable infrastructure architecture (docker, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, scalability, Continuous integration, Continuous deployment).




Security and confidentiality

Many of our customers have data where security and privacy are paramount. For example, e-health is an area where personal data must imperatively be hosted on HDS (Health Data Hosting) certified servers.

We are here to advise you on the hosting that is best suited to the security of your data.


Kubernetes at the heart of your IAAS

Today a real deployment service through automated management of your deployment system. Whether you go through HELM files or do it through GITOPS, the days when you were held back by deploying your code to production are gone.

Today at Winzana we made the decision to automate all of our development and deployment processes. All based on a Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.

We can assist you in setting up such an infrastructure and also train your teams.


Cloud hosting consulting

Want to go on cloud computing like Google Cloud or AWS ? We put our expertise at your service to set up your hosting.

Evolve your infrastructure

Confiez la gestion de votre SI à un DevOps expert.