Web Apps

A smartly conceptualized product or service can’t set up without stimulating a digital cluster. Wether it is a critical pilar for your process, and in this case, the Web App is itself a product or service, wether it is “simply” an essential support to improve an existing commercial activity, your company has an incentive to setup a strong digital strategy base on serious solutions.


IT Expertise

You are operating a digital transition, but you are lacking time or internal ressources to complete this task successfully ?

Good news ! We will always be there to accompany you towards the developpment of your web and mobile solutions. This also applies to entreprenors !


Languages and technologies expertise

Whatever your need is, we can bring an answer to it. We take action on every present or future sector-specific constrains.

We are specialized in the creation of  tailored, industry specific solutions.

And we can take action with and endless list of languages, CMS and Frameworks. We develop SAAS platforms, business applications, mobile solutions, management and service platforms, ERPs, e-commerce marketplaces and corporate websites.

Ce qui nous intéresse c’est de mettre les mains dans le code

Et de participer activement à sa valorisation.
We are permanently investigation the new technologies. And our team is always training in order to propose you the best, most valuable and most edgy solutions, like Symfony, Docker, NodeJS or React.

And that’s not all !

Our adaptation capability and limiteless agility make us able to train quickly to any new language or technlogy according to your project’s needs.


Taking action in every single step of the development’s process

We are ready to start to work on any stage of your project, wether it is for the conception (drafting the technical or functionnal specifications, maintenance, architecture and scheduling), up to the market launch. Our teams are trained to take action efficiently in an already started project.
Our flexibility and adaptability (project, teams and technologies) let us be on the front line on a record time.


Functionnal specifications
Technical architecture (and tehcnical specifications)
Ergonomy and user story principles (wireframes, UX)
General design, aesthetics and interactive prototypes



Functionnal part of the app (back office)
Graphic interface of the app (front office)
Unitary and functionnal tests
Data integration



In our opinion, to deliver a quality and operationnal application, it must not only (and of course) be bug free, but also be user friendly and the user journey must be flawless. By driving internal tests with our quality managers, we make sure to perfect the final product with objectives feedbacks.



Source code support
Evolutions of the functionnalities
Sustainablity of the delivered solution
Quality of service of the application





Taking action in every sector-specific challenge

Our scope of intervention is limiteless.
 We take action in every field and specific business domains  (fintech, foodtech, healthcare, culture, banks, insurances, aeronautics, industry) and swiftly adapt ourselves to the specific constrains related to them.


We can adapt to any device thanks to PWAs

All our web projects are responsive, this means that they adapt perfecty to mobile phones and tablets. The total number of mobile devices users increases every year, thereby it is unthinkable to overlook this aspect, and, to bring an adapted answer to these new behaviours, the responsive versions of websites and webapps are now being optimised with the new Progressive Web Apps (PWAs for those in the knows).

Progressive Web App, what exactly are we talking about ?

It is an optimised web app which is able to integrate native-mobile-specific functionnalities that are usually unavailable on web navigators, such as the receiving of push notifications, or even the access to the smartphone’s or tablet’s camera, its geo-tracking functionnality, etc.

The PWA (now you’re in the knows, right ?) combines easy access to mobile websites with the native functionnalities of the mobile device.

And it is working fine on all devices : computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
The user keeps benefitting from the native mobile app comfort.

You can request our assistance in choosing the best solution for your project.

Make the best choice between a native web app and a PWA according to your real business needs. To this end, we’ll check several criteria, including the required technical performance level. Do not let the doubts delay your project !

We go beyond coding

We support companies and startups through the success of their projects.