Mobile apps

Mobile apps are a pillar of modern business.

Whatever your field of activity is, developping a mobile app is an essential process to enhance interactions with your customers and to engage them more.

As a full fledged project or as a growth lever for your activity, it is definitely unthinkable to neglect this power.


IT expertise


Why create a mobile app ?

Whatever your need is, we can bring a technical answer to it. We are able to take action on any present or future specific challenge.

To enhance and personnalize user experience

There’s nothing better than a mobile app to offer a brand new experience to your users and exploye new ways to communicate with tems.

To increase the number of users and fidelise them

The prospects pool on smartphones and tablets counts more and more candidates, you will continue to satisfy your existing cutomers while attracting new ones who swear only by those mobile devices.

Because mobile apps bring out new interactions and playful functionnalities

With the use of the camera or geolocalisation, as an exemple, technology offers you a huge realm of opportunities to improve interactivity at the core of your business.

To get closer to your customers and skyrocket your reputation

Nowadays, your own credibility depends on it, in addition to conform yourself with reponsively designed experiences – and you must absolutely involve it in your business if not already done – be innovative and benefit from mobile-first technologies !

Because it offers the opportunity to stay available off-line

And be present wherever, whenever, and however you want. Do not miss the chance to stay visible !


Our process

Chez Winzana nous vous accompagnonsAs a company we offer you support and guidance in the definition of your goals and the identification of the specific constraints of your project in order to propose you a tailor-made in 4 steps.


Fuctional specifications
Technical architecture (technical specifications of the application)
Principles of ergonomics, navigation and user journeys (wireframes, and interactive prototypes)
General graphic design of the application



Functionnal part (application back-office)
Interface part (application fron-office)
Both unitary and functionnal testing
Data integration



In our opinion, to deliver a quality and operationnal application, it must not only (and of course) be bug free, but also be user friendly and the user journey must be flawless. By driving internal tests with our quality managers, we make sure to perfect the final product with objectives feedbacks.


Maintenance and servicing

Source code support
Evolutions of the functionnalities
Sustainablity of the delivered solution
Quality of service of the application



Technologies serving your project

Our main concern is you! We help you to chose the most adapted tehchologies to meet your functionnal needs.


Native IOS Applications

Swift is Apple’s programmation language. It is used with Objective C to create Native IOS applications. 


Application Native Android

Kotlin in and open source programmation language. It is used with Java to create native Android applications.

React Native

Multiplatform Native Application

React Native an open source mobile development framework created and backed by Facebook. It makes possible to create quickly mutliplatform applications.


We publish and validate your applications on App Stores.

At the end of the conception and developpment of the app, we handle the publication and validation of it on the App Store (Apple, iOS) and the Play Store (Google, Android) where it will be available for download. Your visibility is as important as the existence of your application.



We guide you through its use.

It is inconceivable and unthinkable vto deliver you a mobile application without demonstating the using process to your team and make sure it is fully understood and mastered. After all, you are the ones who are going to sell it ! So our goal is to make you as comfortable with its functionning as if you were de conceptors… And this is very much the case !


You have a mobile app project ?

Take the best opportunity of success by collaborating with Winzana’s mobile experts.