We put the « i » on IOT

Our specialization is all about the “I” of IOT, meaning the settling of interconnections making solutions able to collect, proceed and transit the data between platforms and connected devices thanks to artificial intelligence and algorythms.



IT Expertise


Connected devices driving and data processing

To make your connected devices alive, we create or connect with the existing APIs and developp an integration system that makes possible to collect and proceed the data (NoSQL databases) from your connected devices. We keep trained with the very last technologies (Symfony, Docker, NodeJS, React) to be able to propose you evolutive solutions.


IOT serving agriculture and environment

Carbon Bee AgTech develops tools making possible to detect crop diseases at an early stage in order to enhance agricultural productions.

The main goal is to recognize the signs of stress on plants and to prevent the enxtensive use of chemical products by anticipating healing actions.

To fulfill these tasks, we developped the solutions AQit-sensor and AQit-map: we built an e-commerce webservice with a complex back office throught the Sylius framework and we also integrated a Geoserver taking in account geolocalisation features and a visual rendering with Maps and OpenLayers.


L’IOT au service de la culture

AMICS is a music room rental service provisionning both soundproof spaces and instruments. The big inovation is the ability of the service to be fully available and autonomous 24/7 on smartphones.

To make it possible, we integrated a new API to the domotic locks Nuki in order to transit informations from the mobile app, like opening and closing instructions. It also recieves the time slots data for each customer. Read more at

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